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In strange and difficult times, one thing remains certain: there is incredible power in people coming together. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we introduced CJ Cinema Summit, a series of live sessions featuring renowned industry experts who have provided their perspectives on navigating and bouncing back from the crisis. Join us as we explore the challenges and opportunities facing our dynamic and ever-changing industry.

Meet Our Moderators

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    J. Sperling Reich
    Executive Editor - Celluloid Junkie
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    Thomas MacCalla
    Partner at Covergent, Industry Advisor at Digicine and CEO of Kin Productions
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    Helen Budge
    Managing Editor - Celluloid Junkie

Previous Sessions

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SESSION 90 - Top Women in Global Distribution 2023

CJ Cinema Summit is kicking off 2024 by honoring the Top Women in Global Distribution for 2023. Join us on the 4th of January as we celebrate some amazing individuals from around the world who have done incredible work over the past year during the motion picture industry's pandemic recovery. We'll be joined by some of the nominees on this year's list.
Jan. 04, 2024
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SESSION 89 - Production Learnings Post COVID, impact on movie supply and Update UK & Europe

David Hancock of Omdia joins us to talk about his research on film production and its impact on supply during the COVID-19 pandemic. The key takeaways will prove enlightening. Also, Phil Clapp, Chief Executive - Cinema Association, and Laura Houlgatte, CEO - UNIC International Union of Cinemas, reflect on the industry in 2023 and share their views for the coming year.
Dec. 14, 2023
Screenshot 2024 01 24 at 6.53.46 pm Screenshot 2024 01 24 at 6.53.46 pm

SESSION 88 - Independent Distributors & Art House Films

CJ Cinema Summit will explore Independent Distribution and Art House Films. We have discussed tentpole releases and concert films, now our focus is on those films that have historically been the staples of the cinematic experience. How do distributors optimize the potential of these films in a post-pandemic age?
Oct. 19, 2023

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